PriSC 2020
Sun 19 - Sat 25 January 2020 New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
co-located with POPL 2020
Conference Editions
Sun 19 - Sat 25 January 2020, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

PriSC 2020 with POPL 2020

The emerging field of secure compilation aims to preserve security properties of programs when they have been compiled to low-level languages such as assembly, where high-level abstractions don’t exist, and unsafe, unexpected interactions with libraries, other programs, the operating system and even the hardware are possible. For unsafe source languages like C, secure compilation requires careful handling of unde ...

Sun 13 - Sat 19 January 2019, Cascais, Portugal

PriSC 2019 with POPL 2019

Workshop description Today’s computer systems are insecure. The semantics of mainstream low-level languages like C provide no security against devastating vulnerabilities like buffer overflows and control-flow hijacking. Even for safer languages, establishing security with respect to the language’s semantics does not prevent low-level attacks. All the abstraction and security guarantees of the source language ar ...

Mon 8 - Sat 13 January 2018, Los Angeles, California, United States

PriSC 2018 with POPL 2018

News: All the speakers have made their slides available Do not miss the chance to submit short talks on your cutting-edge research until 14 December 2017, 23:59 AoE . Workshop program is now available POPL/PriSC registration is open; early rate ends on 10 December 2017 List of presentations accepted at PriSC is now public Invited talk by Mathias Payer on Challenges For Compiler-backed Secur ...