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POPL 2019
Sun 13 - Sat 19 January 2019 Cascais, Portugal


Programming language researchers have the principles, tools, algorithms and abstractions to solve all kinds of problems, in all areas of computer science. However, identifying and evaluating new problems, particularly those that lie outside the typical core PL problems we all know and love, can be a significant challenge. This workshop’s goal is to identify and discuss problems that do not often show up in our top conferences, but where programming language research can make a substantial impact. We hope fora like this will increase the diversity of problems that are studied by PL researchers and thus increase our community’s impact on the world.

While many workshops associated with POPL have become more like mini-conferences themselves, this is an anti-goal for OBT. The workshop will be informal and structured to encourage discussion. We are at least as interested in problems as in solutions.


A good submission is one that outlines a new problem or an interesting, underrepresented problem domain. Good submissions may also remind the PL community of problems that were once in vogue but have not recently been seen in top PL conferences. Good submissions do not need to propose complete or even partial solutions, though there should be some reason to believe that programming languages researchers have the tools necessary to search for solutions in the area at hand. Submissions that seem likely to stimulate discussion about the direction of programming language research are encouraged.

Use your imagination. It’s hard to imagine how a talk proposal that discusses programming languages could be considered out of scope. If in doubt, ask the program chair.

Previous OBTs

2019 marks the eighth year of OBT and of co-location with POPL. The previous six workshops were:

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Sat 19 Jan

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09:00 - 10:30
De-escalating Software (Keynote)
Off the Beaten Track
Stephen Kell University of Kent
14:00 - 15:30
Afternoon TalksOff the Beaten Track at Sala VII
Chair(s): Luke Church
Design Critique and Discussion
Off the Beaten Track
F a Language for Music Composition
Off the Beaten Track
Joachim Kristensen DIKU, University of Copenhagen, Ken Friis Larsen DIKU, University of Copenhagen
File Attached
16:00 - 17:30
Informal + Business MeetingOff the Beaten Track at Sala VII
Informal + Business Meeting
Off the Beaten Track

Call for Talk Proposals

Submissions should be made here:

All submissions should be in PDF format, two pages or less, in at least 10pt font, printable on A4 and on US Letter paper. Authors are welcome to include links to multimedia content such as YouTube videos or online demos. Reviewers may or may not view linked documents; it is up to authors to convince the reviewers to do so.

For each accepted submission, one of the authors will give a talk at the workshop. The length of the talk will depend on the submissions received and how the program committee decides to assemble the program.

Reviewing of submissions will be very light. Authors should not expect a detailed analysis of their submission by the program committee. Accepted submissions will be posted as is on this web site. By submitting a document, you agree that if it is accepted, it may be posted and you agree that one of the co-authors will attend the workshop and give a talk there. There will be no revision process and no formal publication.